Date yourself…

So what you did on your weekend???... I was on a date with myself. Merely a perfect one. Let me share what was so goodish in that. Pros of going on a date with ownself : ●You don't have to compromise at any point. You're free to do whatever you like & cherish. ●You can... Continue Reading →



Being an independent lady really demands so many sacrifices and scars. You have to deal with all those shitty rumours about you, those manic statements where people will pre-judge you if you open your mouth also if you don't. People will call you rude if you don't talk to them and judge you. Also, people... Continue Reading →

I'm smiling But i want to laugh I'm walking But i want to amble I'm talking But i want to be listened I'm travelling But i want to enjoy I've friends But i want proponent I'm eating But i want a smart company I ain't weak But i want an honest acquaintance I'm learning But... Continue Reading →

Small town girl..

A small town simple girl, With some litter fur, Keeping everyone close to her, Talking nice to every ear, Thinking about every peer, Taking everyone as dear, Everything was so clear, Coz her house was near. Then She moved to a big city Where nobody cares, But she was enjoying there, With one smart heir,... Continue Reading →

Don’t know….

Really confuse now!! Am I spam or spam happens to me. I want to be simple But how can I even think of it getting a dimple without a pimple? Every time I begin to believe, on a "trust" word My life gives a fair strong reason, to stay away from this mud. People think... Continue Reading →

Story of life

Life is short, Make it hot, Why just to settle with a pot.. Ignore the mask, Focus on the task.. If there is one, Or there is none, I won't run, Everything is fun Just wait for your turn.. I don't care even if they call me selfish, Well! Ok, I'm selfish!! But can even... Continue Reading →


Believe, the most powerful word ever in this complete Aura. It can make your life heaven or can destroy your life like hell. Everything is revolving around believe. The very silly example I would love to cultivate here One day I had a deep conversation with a friend & she told terrific nightmares are distressing... Continue Reading →


Writing after the colossal halt of about 1 year. So here I wanna restart with a bloggers table meet at BombayBrasserie. Restarting with this amazing homely place is a blessing. From the ambiance till the dessert everything was frickin’ awesome and upto the mark. No complaints just thewow wow wow!! So here something about my... Continue Reading →


I ain't afraid to fall in love. But I'm afraid of being the only one that falls while the other one pretends. I ain't afraid to share things. But I'm afraid to get hurt with those secrets that were shared. I ain't afraid to make friends. But I'm afraid of fake masks. I ain't afraid... Continue Reading →

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